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The Future is Visual: Using Video Content to Tell Captivating Stories


If one thing’s for sure, it’s that video content — especially, mobile video — is the leading form of content creation on social media. Companies like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have all invested heavily in video content production, and the signs all point to: The Future is Visual.

Our Visual Storytelling masterclass at #BlogHer18, moderated by SheKnows Media’s, Reshma Gopaldas, delivered a standout lesson on how video content can be used to tell impactful stories

Aly Teich of The Sweat Life, Andrea Corson of Video Pop, Daysha Veronica of Yes Queen, and Kay Hsu of Instagram shared their unique insights into the craft of visual storytelling.

Success in Video Content Production

The video above? 80 million views, with most of those coming in over a three day period. That’s the definition of viral, something most content creators would kill for. But Daysha Veronica, who was working at BuzzFeed at the time, said strategy was a huge part of its success.

“When you talk about strategy, I bring this video up because at the time, I was doing a lot of work on getting men out of their comfort zone,” she said. “In strategizing that, I just thought of how eyeliner is such a simple, yet difficult product that women use every day.”

In order to see those kind of viral numbers, fellow panelist, Andrea Corson, urged creators to ask themselves: “What are your goals with the video?”

According to Corson, the quickest way to produce a video that falls flat is to not have a clear objective in mind.

“Thinking about the strategy behind the video and what your goals are is directly tied to measuring any kind of success,” she said.

Kay Hsu of Instagram picked up from that idea, advising video content creators to think about and decide on what metrics they care about in order to set the video up for success.


Visual Storytelling originally premiered as a masterclass at #BlogHer18. To access the full masterclass and get even more video hacks, please view the video hereBlogHer U is the premiere destination for women content creators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners alike to gain business insights and elevate their business through curated multimedia e-learning content. 



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