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DIY Design School: The Best Apps and Tools for Standout Content Creation


by Hillary Adler

We all know that content is Queen, but content creation is more than just throwing words on a page. Great content is also visual, moveable, artistic and yet accessible. Our DIY Design School masterclass at #BlogHer18, moderated by Phoebe Lapine, took a deep dive into how the various apps and tool available on a phone can be used to create the kind of standout content that people love.

Danielle Darby from Adobe, Influencer Dayna Bolden, and Maya Patterson from Facebook shared their go-to tips and tricks for content creation.

Aesthetics in Content Creation

instagram aesthetics content creation

For Dayna Bolden, creating a quality and consistent aesthetic on her Instagram is the first step towards great content creation.

“I remember when I was starting out, I didn’t even know what aesthetics were,” said Dayna. “I was just posting pictures and I didn’t care about what it looked like or what color it was.”

But over time, Dayna discovered what her aesthetic was and that helped her tap into her brand voice of authenticity.

“I love white palettes and bright colors, contrasted with black.”

The kind of theme you choose for your page — be it vintage, bright and airy, black and white — is going to reflect on your personal brand and your authenticity, a factor Dayna believes to be the driving force of quality content.

Using Stories to Drive Engagement

FB Story Content Creation

Maya Patterson, a designer who works on Facebook stories, definitely knows a thing or two about the type of content that performs the best on social media and how aesthetic plays into reaching the KPIs a creator sets out to achieve.

“Like Dayna mentioned, we’ve seen the best metrics for those who keep a consistent aesthetic on their regular Facebook feeds,” said Maya, “but when it comes to Facebook stories, behind the seen looks and plays really drive up traffic and engagement for creators.”

As a personal test, Maya and her boyfriend started sharing the meals they cooked to Instagram and Facebook, and in an attempt to increase follower engagement, the pair began posting behind-the-scene videos as well as recipes to their FB story group.

“A lot of people don’t know this but you can start a following group within Facebook stories,” Maya said. “If you don’t want to clutter up your feed with long recipes, you can post the recipe to the story group to encourage community engagement and conversation around your content.”

Navigating Adobe for Content Creators

Adobe Content Creation

Adobe has been a mainstay for professional photographers and creative directors, but the company is debuting a new platform. Project Rush is a program specifically designed for content creators who use video on social channels.

“We know that social and mobile is taking over, and new creators are emerging, with video becoming the primary means of communication across social,” said Danielle Darby, Senior Product Manager, Adobe. “We want to empower creators to tell and share their stories with their communities.

But, Project Rush isn’t the only tool Adobe wants creators to take advantage of. They’re making all of their premier tools accessible for content creation, like Light Room.

“Light room is a great way to establish brand and authenticity, and it’s accessible from both your mobile device and your computer,” Danielle said.


DIY Design School originally premiered as a BlogHer U Live masterclass at #BlogHer18. BlogHer U is the premiere destination for women content creators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners alike to gain business insights and elevate their business through curated multimedia e-learning content. 





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