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#BrandBaller: 6 Entrepreneurs Weigh In on Building Brand Partnerships that Last


by Hillary Adler

Building brand partnerships is one of the ultimate goals for any influencer, and connecting with powerful influencers is a key marketing strategy for any major brand. Our #BrandBaller panel at #BlogHer18, moderated by Activate CEO, Kamiu Lee, provided insightful tips into how influencers can make themselves stand out to brands and nail the right kind of partnership.

On Building Brand Partnerships with A New Creator

Brand Partnerships Instagram

“For us at AWAY, a huge thing we’re looking for is a storytelling element. When we’re thinking about out marketing with influencers, it’s about “are we able to share a new storyline with these partners” and “how can we collaborate with them past product.”

We’re not just selling luggage, we’re trying to make the entire experience of travel a lot more seamless. In doing that we’re able to build a lot more full-circle brand partnerships with our influencers.”
– Lily Chappell, Senior Brand Manager, Away

“One of the things we’re always looking for at Moet + Chandon is: Does the creators ethos align with our ethos? And, are they a fan of our brand? The influencer/brand market is so saturated these days, so we want to make sure that our influencers are true advocates and actually use our brand.

Another thing we look at is whether or not the influencer is repping a lot of other brands. We really aim to have long term and exclusive relationships in our brand partnerships, so it’s important when we work with someone that it’s not branded content every single day.”

– Christine Ngo Isaac, Brand Director, Moet + Chandon

On Differentiating Yourself from Others

Brand Partnerships Standing out

“It’s about people and our community. Every influencer can agree that you have certain communities that your people are responsive to, so for us, it’s staying true to what your needs are and staying true to your brand. Staying authentic to your brand is honestly the most important.”

– Olya Hill, Creative Director, The Living Notes

“Use your analytics really well and follow your tribe where they’re leading you. Every month I go in and look to see what the top trending articles were, and I find what people are actually reading and commenting on, and I do more of that.

The hardest part about staying true is letting go of the things I’m interested in that people aren’t really reading and connecting with. That’s how you stay on brand and on target, and ultimately develop some of those key brand partnerships.”

– Nicole Feliciano, CEO, Momtrends

“Getting to know myself more has helped me understand how to serve my community. As much as I can look around and think that there are a million people doing what I’m doing, I know that there is nobody out there doing it as me. Whatever my story is, I’m bringing that to the table. Being honest with yourself about what isn’t working is also very important.”
– Nitika Chopra, Life and Wellness Coach & Entrepreneur

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