Trending Topics to Write About This Holiday Season


By Lindsay Valdez



It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is only a week away!! And that in six weeks, 2018 will come to an end. But between now and then, we first have to get through the holiday season. As a follow up to my last post, November Search Trends from Pinterest, let’s dig into some early holiday trending topics from Pinterest. First published in the Pinterest Newsroom, here are some hot trending topics to help build out your December content calendar.

First up, food bloggers! Now is your time of year, all the yummy recipes you get to cook, photograph and share! And just like last year, what’s trending is a mix of traditional recipes and those on the healthier side. So, let’s look at what recipes people are most interested in.

1. Dutch apple pie – when I click through to one Pinterest recipe, variations of this topic that appear below include ‘the best apple pie recipe’, ‘2-ingredient apple pie cups’ and ‘old-fashioned apple crisp’.

2. Soft gingerbread cookies – there are several creative ways that people are searching for gingerbread cookies: ‘hanging gingerbread cookie recipe’, ‘homemade gingerbread cookies’ and ‘pumpkin gingerbread cookies’.

3. Vegan mashed potatoes – it seems like vegan and vegetarian search queries are on the rise. Other popular searches of this realm include ‘the best vegan stuffing’, ‘vegan broccoli cheese soup’ and ‘vegan spinach puffs’.

4. Cranberry brie bites

5. Cranberry orange meatballs (perhaps cranberry is the trending flavor this holiday season?)

6. Mini cheese ball bites

7. M&M Christmas cookie bars – I’ve already been seeing this recipe everywhere! Other interesting dessert recipes I see trending include ‘kris kringle crinkles’, ‘christmas lasagna’ and ‘christmas cookie cups’

Food related search terms up more than 200% YoY include ‘party appetizers for a crowd’, ‘finger food ideas’ and ‘holiday dessert ideas’.

Next up, the DIY & home décor bloggers! People searching for holiday décor ideas is continuing to rise.

1. Fairy lights – also searched for as ‘twinkle lights’ or ‘string lights’. People are mainly looking for where to buy them and ideas on how to hang them.

2. Temporary tattoo ornaments – There are lots of great ornament related how-to content to be made this year, so get creative! People (especially parents or is that just me?) love to make Christmas ornaments. Trending terms I see include ‘diy ornaments’, ‘unicorn ornaments’ and ‘disney princess inspired ornaments’.

3. Zero-waste gift wrapping

4. Creative table napkins

Ending the list with the shopping and fashion bloggers! Most people have at least one (let’s be honest – usually there’s multiple) holiday related parties to attend each year. People turn to Google and Pinterest for ideas on what to wear as well as what to buy for their fashionable friends.

1. Popcorn cardigans – not sure what that is? I wasn’t either, but now that I see one I’ll definitely be adding that to my Christmas list.

2. Faux leather, faux feathers

3. Sequins and shimmer EVERYTHING!

For even more trending topics on Pinterest, along with tons of great Pinterest boards, read the full piece here: 2018 Pinterest holi-YAY report.

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