Top Pinterest Trends for 2019


By Lindsay Valdez



Last month, Pinterest published some data on top searches heading into 2019. We use this kind of information internally at SHE Media for content ideas and I hope this will help you do the same! I’ve pulled some of the trending topics for you, broken out by content verticals. To each list, I’ve also added some trending topics that we’re seeing perform on and

#1 Parenting Blogs
Scavenger hunts
Audiobooks for kids
Enchanted forest parties
Rustic nurseries
Geometric nursery patterns
White-noise-playing bassinets

#2 Travel Blogs
Bus travel
Hot springs
Less-known, less-traveled islands
Rio – general travel & Rio Carnival
Small town travels – off-the-beaten path, low-key R&R, bed-and-breakfasts
Zero waste travel

#3 Health Blogs
Superfood powders
Healthy habits
Beeswax wraps
Goat soap

#4 Food blogs
Oat milk
Chayote recipes
Low-prep, low-mess meals
Homemade jam
Slow-cooker appetizers
Baking substitutions
Easy dinner recipes

#5 Home décor blogs
Tin décor
Vertical gardens
Bold wallpaper
Color trend: bold mustard yellow
Natural swimming pools
Indoor and outdoor fireplaces

#6 Style & Fashion blogs
Bamboo handbags
Snake skin prints
Robe wraps
African wax prints
Rentable fashion & recycled material clothing
Cold-weather tops
Maxi dresses

#7 Beauty blogs
Baby bangs
Witch hazel
Powder dipping nails
Grape-seed oil
Liquid exfoliators
Pastel hair color

Visit Pinterest to get additional trending topics for each content vertical.

Pinterest 100: The top trends for 2019