5 November Search Trends from Pinterest


By Lindsay Valdez



November is upon us, which means us lifestyle publishers are right in the midst of the busiest traffic time of the year!! One of my favorite things to talk to publishers about is their editorial strategy and something I hear over and over again is, what should I write about?

There are several great tools (Google TrendsAnswer the PublicSoovle.com) to help brainstorm topics in which to write about, but here are some topics that Pinterest has just reported on as current trending searches on the platform as we head into November.

November is a month for lots of food and a time for gathering with friends and family. People head to Pinterest in the same way they take to Google, often using the social platform to search for seasonal evergreen interests. Here is what they are searching for on Pinterest.

1. Preparing homes for guests. This falls right in line with what we know about November and entertaining family and friends.
– staircase makeover
– bench entryway

2. Gardening related searches, still going strong.
– fall container gardens
– eucalyptus wreaths

3. It’s time to start thinking about what foods to prepare for the holidays. Similar to what we see perform on SheKnows.com, popular content swings between ways to make popular dishes healthier and traditional seasonal recipes.
– mini pumpkin pies
– cauliflower gnocchi

4. Keeping the flu away!
– immune booster essential oils
– celery juice benefits

5. Fall fashion and trending styles are moving to the warmer side of things.
– paper bag pants
– belt bags
– sock boots
– teddy bear jacket (not sure what this is but it definitely sounds like something I will need!!!)

Check out even more on the original post over on Pinterest: The top trends for November 2018

From Google Trends, here are some early trending searches for Thanksgiving related content:

  • thanksgiving songs for kids

  • thanksgiving movies for kids

  • best thanksgiving sides

  • thanksgiving nail art

  • thanksgiving movies on netflix

  • thanksgiving coloring pages

  • thanksgiving activities for kids

A few more tips when it comes to deciding on what topics to cover on your blog:

1. Write content related to your website niche.

2. Keep headlines unique and interesting!

3. Write multiple stories on the same topic (preferably whatever you’re an expert in) but covering different angles. If you want more info on this strategy, google the term “content clusters seo”. And make sure to inter-link your related articles together.

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