5 Tips for Becoming a Mega Instagram Influencer and Creating Your Brand


By Lindsay Valdez



Becoming an Instagram Influencer is hard work, and building a large following takes a certain level of marketing know-how and finesse. Social users flock to Instagram for several reasons, but connecting with the brands they love and discovering new trends is one of the primary drivers, and while challenging, becoming an Instagram influencer can be both rewarding and incredibly profitable.

Here are 5 Tips for becoming an Instagram influencer and creating your own personal brand.

1. Define Your Niche and Brand as An Instagram Influencer

One thing we’ve heard time and time again from speakers at our BlogHer conferences is that if you want to build a solid following, you must be yourself. There are so many people out there trying to become an insta foodie or fashion icon, but nobody else can bring your personal authenticity to their page. You have the monopoly on that.

Take, for example, “CheeseCurlsOfInstagram.” On the surface, an instagram dedicated solely to showcasing artistic (and, at times, insane) photos of cheetos sounds, well, crazy. But they have a *huge* following, with over 35k followers. If chasing after MoMA-esque pics of snack food is your thing, you do you, girl.

2. Use Hobbies and Curiosities as a Spring Board

If you’re thinking about becoming Insta famous in the fashion world, you hopefully already have a deep passion for and understanding of fashion brands. In other words, whatever you already live and breathe, that’s what you want to chase after. Your excitement and back-of-the-hand knowledge will shine through every post, and will draw fans in who also identify with your love.

3. Create Content that Solves Problems

Whether you’re posting videos, links to blogs, or just photo content, quality content that educates or provides value to a user is going to elevate you above the rest as an Instagram influencer. Even more so if this problem is a niche problem to solve.

4. Be Consistent

Coming up with a content calendar and sticking to it will be a key ingredient to building trust and loyalty with your followers. Having a set time and day when you post will also generate excitement and anticipation for whatever pieces of content you’re going to post next.

If you create your Instagram influencer profile under a business account, you’ll have access to Instagram’s analytics platform to see what days and times your followers are most frequenting your page.

5. Engage with Your Audience

It is super important to interact with your followers. In addition to that, following accounts that are in your niche, or the ones that really inspire you is very important.

Commenting on a post or giving shoutouts to a fellow Instagram influencer that is post great content will help you in building a massive and engaging community.

Another way to increase your community is by staging giveaways. Not only will you attract new people, but you’ll also increase your account’s interaction and reach.