Improving Viewability with a “Sticky Widget” in WordPress


Christina McMenemy



One way to improve an ad unit’s viewability is to make sure it remains on the screen. (If you’re unsure what “viewability” is, be sure to check out our FAQ about viewability first!) For WordPress users who routinely have posts that are longer than their sidebars, one method is to place an ad in the final widget of the sidebar and then prevent that widget – sometimes called a fixed or “sticky” widget – from scrolling off the page as the reader scrolls down.  This keeps the ad on the page longer, improving its viewability while keeping the ad in the sidebar where it won’t bother readers.

Here’s how to add this feature to your sidebar:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins – Add New.

  2. Search for “Q2W3 Fixed Widget” and then install and activate the plugin.

  3. Go to Appearance – Widgets and make sure you have an ad tag installed in a Text widget in the last spot in your sidebar.

  4. Open the last widget with the ad tag in it, and check the “Fixed widget” checkbox. Save your changes.

  5. If you have a caching plugin, clear your cache. When you view your site now, the final ad widget should remain on the screen as you scroll down beyond the end of the sidebar.

If you need to make changes to how the fixed widget appears on the screen, you can do so in the Appearance – Fixed Widget Options screen.

For example, if you have a subscription bar that remains at the top of the screen as readers scroll down, you might increase the “Margin Top” so the widget stops before it reaches the top of the screen. Or if the widget covers your footer content when scrolling down, you can set a “Margin Bottom” or identify a “Stop ID” by entering an HTML tag ID for your footer.

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