The Benefits of being instagram verified


By Lindsay Valdez



Instagram today is much more than a haphazard photo sharing social platform. From it, birthed the Instagram Influencer and everyone knows the money to be made as one is no joke! I received a great question this month from a new SHE Media Partner on what being Instagram Verified is all about. I chatted with our StyleCaster social media editor, Jane Asher, who was able to share her option on Instagram verification.

Question #1 What is the Instagram verified sticker and what does it do?

The verified badge is a blue check that appears next to the account name. Instagrammers being able to request for verification has only been available since August 2018.

Having the sticker means that Instagram has confirmed that the profile does belong to the public figure. One of the main factors that IG takes into account when someone requests this, is whether or not there is a high probability that someone would want to impersonate this account. You should really be a public figure (celeb, brand, influencer) before requesting the blue check mark.

Question #2 How can you request an Instagram verified sticker?

If you do decide to request one, the steps are simple. You go into your account and tap on the hamburger menu (three slacked lines) and head to Settings => Account => Request Verification. From there, you fill out the requested into including your name and a form of ID.

Once you apply, there is no guarantee that your account will be approved. But not hearing an answer from them for several weeks is no cause for fear. And if you are denied, you can request again 30 days later.

Question #3 What are the benefits of getting the Instagram verified sticker?

“If at all possible, the check mark is necessary. And brands are more likely to work with verified accounts.” - Jane Asher

There are quite a few benefits of being Instagram verified. Several of the ones we find to be true are:

  • Increases trustworthiness (by followers and brands)

  • Evaluates the exclusivity of your brand

  • Brands prefer to work with verified Instagram accounts

Bonus Question!! What does it take for Instagram to approve your verification badge?

While these are more like recommendations and still don’t guarantee getting approved, here are some things we’ve found to work:

1. Make sure your profile stands out! You need to have a picture, an interest bio and at least one image posted to your account.

2. Your account must be public and there should only be one request verification for each account. And this should go without saying, but the account has to be a real person, organization or brand.

3. Although there is no set number of followers you must have to receive verification, you need to be notable in some way. My mom with her 22 followers has no need to request verification. You should be a brand or a well-known human, someone people actually search for online.

4. Don’t break the rules & policies of Instagram!

If you’re a partner and have experience getting Instagram verified, we’d love to hear about your experience. Reach out at