Meet the SHE Media Team at Top Industry Events


September 18-19, 2019

Topics: Various themes related to content creation, influencers and entrepreneurship

Speakers: Samantha Skey, Justine Goodman, Reshma Gopaldas, Nikki Brown & Lindsay Valdez



September 17, 2019

Topic: Redefining what it means for women to “have it all”

Speaker: Samantha Skey



August 29, 2019

Topic: Women and the freedom to fail

Speaker: Reshma Gopaldas



June 12-15, 2019

Topic: The future of women’s content

Speaker: Bonnie Fuller



May 8, 2019

Topics: Various themes related to food content creation & entrepreneurship

Speakers: Samantha Skey, Jen Denton, Justine Goodman & Reshma Gopaldas



April 18, 2019

Topic: Invite-only annual meeting

Founding Member: Samantha Skey



Topics: Honoring leading women in entertainment who using their platforms for good

Attendees: Samantha Skey, Justine Goodman & Bonnie Fuller


March 20, 2019

Topic: How one long-time magazine editor launched a digital destination for millennial women

Speaker: Bonnie Fuller


March 18, 2019

Topic: Brand challenges

Speaker: Samantha Skey



March 8, 2019

Topic: An conversation with Yasmeen Hassan of Equality Now

Moderator: Samantha Skey



February 25, 2019

Topic: #MentoringMonday

Speaker: Samantha Skey



January 24, 2019

Topics: Various themes related to health & wellness content creation & entrepreneurship

Speakers: Samantha Skey, Jen Denton, Justine Goodman, Reshma Gopaldas, & Lindsay Valdez



January 11, 2019

Topics: Invite-only day celebrating the female founders at the forefront of innovation

Attendee: Samantha Skey



December 10, 2018

Topic: Talking circle special guest during Gloria Steinem play

Speaker: Samantha Skey



December 6, 2018

Topic: Annual women helping women breakfast

Speaker: Samantha Skey



December 5, 2018

Topic: Invite-only public service award dinner

Attendees: Samantha Skey, Jennifer Gaonach, Reshma Gopaldas, Allison Lambroza & Deborah Kadetsky



December 5, 2018

Topics: Various themes on women in media

Speakers: Samantha Skey, Jennifer Gaonach, Jen Denton, Justine Goodman & Deborah Kadetsky



November 16, 2018

Topic: Q&A with Cheryl Eisen, CEO and Founder of Interior Marketing Group

Moderator: Samantha Skey



October 17, 2018

Topic: The offline experience: The event landscape for publishers

Speaker: Deborah Kadetsky



October 11, 2018

Topic: Advertiser’s role and responsibility in gender equality

Speaker: Samantha Skey



October 10, 2018

Topic: Trends transforming the media industry

Speaker: Deborah Kadetsky



March 11, 2018

Topic: How Brands Who Speak Gen Z Slay

Speaker: Samantha Skey