Protecting Your Revenue with Ads.txt


Whitney Drake



What is Ads.txt?

It is a security protocol developed by the industry to help protect ad providers and publishers like you from bad ads and from scammers who want to scrape your ads. It’s simply a text file with a list of all your authorized ad providers with IDs that lets them know that they’re serving an ad to your site, and your site alone. And for you – it means that we’ve individually approved each provider and source included in your Ads.txt file.

How does Ads.txt protect your revenue?

As the year has progressed, more and more ad providers are requiring an Ads.txt file – meaning they’ll only serve ads to sites with an Ads.txt file that contains their ID lines. If the provider requires it, and your site doesn’t have an Ads.txt file, or an out-of-date file with missing or incorrect data for that ad provider, then your site won’t serve any ads from that provider.

We don’t want you to miss out on any revenue opportunities, so we strongly recommend you add an Ads.txt file to your site as soon as possible.

For sites on WordPress:

If you’re on WordPress, we highly recommend you adopt our new SheKnows Infuse plugin to both manage your Ads.txt file as well as your ad units. It can inject your header code into your header file (and update it automatically) – eliminating any worry that a theme update will remove your ads, or that you might be running outdated code. Best of all, it will make selecting and changing your ad units as simple as adding our ad widget to your header or sidebar and choosing the sizes you want.

And the Infuse plugin will give you a hands-off way to stay up to date with our Ads.txt lines. As we add new providers or change provider lines, your file will update automatically. Just a check of a box, and you won’t miss out on any revenue opportunities.

Installation is easy – here’s our guide.

For sites on Blogger or Squarespace:

If you’re on Blogger or Squarespace – here are the steps to get set up with an ads.txt file.

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