Can My Site Be Monetized by the SHE Media Publishing Network?


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The SHE Media Partner Network has a specific set of criteria for sites that come into the network. The most basic qualification is that your site must run on a platform that allows third-party advertising and supports ads.txt.

What is third-party advertising?

Third party advertising is any advertising that you yourself did not directly place on your site, or hasn’t been provided to you by your platform itself. You are going to a third party (like SHE Media) to monetize your site.

How do I know if my platform allows third-party advertising?

In the agreement you signed with your platform, it will say whether or not you’re allowed to monetize your site through third party advertising.

Two examples of plans that do not allow third-party advertising are Squarespace’s personal plan and the free plan on will let you monetize your site if you have a paid plan (with a domain) with them - but you can only monetize through their WordAds network.

Some platforms will tell you they offer Google AdSense integration - if you see that, then you can use third party ads. Not all of these platforms are eligible for the SHE Media Partner Network, because we require support for ads.txt as well.

If you have a custom build, you will need to consult with your platform’s developer to make sure that it can run JavaScript ads.

What is ads.txt?

Ads.txt is a security protocol put out by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) in order to make sure that ad providers and publishers have some sense of security that the ads running on sites are authorized to be there - think of it as a handshake between your site and a provider. It’s a text file that is uploaded to the root directory of your site - or injected there to create a virtual file. This file lists all the ad providers that your network states that it uses, using specific codes. When a page loads, the ad providers quickly check to see that you have the correct lines and then delivers an ad. And your ad network personally vets each and every ad provider, so if it’s included in the list, you know that it’s been checked and has reputable inventory.

As of July 2019, platforms like GoDaddy’s SiteBuilder, Wix or Weebly are not eligible for the SHE Media Partner Network, as they do not support ads.txt. (Note: Sites that are hosted on GoDaddy and built using are fine - but if you use Site Builder, their Drag and Drop design platform - there is no support for ads.txt)

If you are on these platforms and want to fully monetize your site, please contact their support desk and let them know that you want them to add support for ads.txt. You need ads.txt for Google AdSense, so even if they say you can run AdSense - you won’t be monetizing fully, since most of the premium ad providers now require an ads.txt file in place.

What platforms support ads.txt?

1. sites support ads.txt, though they require for you to pay for hosting through a company. Several companies out there offer WordPress hosting, and will help make it easy for you to set up a site with them.

2. Blogger supports ads.txt files.

3. Any Squarespace account higher than their current Personal plan can support ads.txt with our network (though supported directly by them. It requires a workaround - so we do recommend that you still reach out to ask Squarespace to add ads.txt support).

4. Any custom platform that can allow you to upload a file to the site’s root director can support ads.txt.

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